The tale of the tights

Have you any idea what it’s like sharing a classroom with a five-year old Kleptomaniac?  It’s no joke!  The first hint I got that Kamara was a tealeaf in a tunic was when she hid a ruler in her coat pocket – kind of easy to spot it sticking out!  Then my favourite time was when the entire contents of my teachers tray went missing.

We don’t have desks or anything that civilised at our school, so normally in any classroom there will be a tray with the teacher’s name on it in which they keep spare staples, pencils, whiteboard markers and similar items so they are close to hand.  Well half the tray was gone and my dear girl was looking a bit shifty.

‘Kamara, have you seen the post-its and date stamp?  I seem to have lost them.’

‘No miss I haven’t seen them.’

She had previous convictions for pinching stuff and hiding it down her tights.  She had even tried to get someone’s book- bag down there one week!  I had a feeling she’d done the same thing again, she was only little and no-one had legs that shape.  We had P.E. later so I bided my time.

She quickly got changed and bundled her clothes up into a ball and shoved them inside her P.E. bag.  Even when I pointed out that she had the thirteenth of march stamped down her leg in four different places she still protested her innocence.  Eventually she owned up and we found the post-its and an empty sweet packet that I hadn’t even noticed was missing – how had she managed to eat that many sweets without someone noticing or one of the other kids telling tales on her?

I found my answer later – in the home-box amongst the hair clips, letters and confiscated cars was a piece of artwork with Kamara’s name on it.  Smiling broadly on the paper was a fat snowman – with eleven buttons made out of fruit pastilles – all stuck on with pritt stick.

5 thoughts on “The tale of the tights

    1. Thanks Belinda – I love working in early years and there’s usually something that happens to make me chuckle. I’m currently working on a short anecdote about working in sweltering heat with children who won’t take their jumpers off! I know it’s nothing compared to the summer heat in Australia but you know what us whinging Brits are like!!

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