The dragon under the bed – Part Three

As Hubert arrived home from school to the little cave that he shared with his mum and dad and his little sister Hattie, he saw that his mother was looking at the smoke signals coming from school with a cross expression on her face.

‘That was your teacher!’ she said as he sat up to the table and started his homework.

‘Really?’ He asked innocently though he had a feeling he might be in trouble.

‘Yes young dragon! It really was your teacher! Telling me that she needs me to go in to school tomorrow to talk to her, and do you know why?’

‘Something to do with Cedric’s hair?’

‘Yes! Apparently you made his hair go mauve and fluffy. What do you have to say for yourself?’

‘He should be glad! Gwyneth and Gwenifer the goblin twins from 1G want hair just like him and they’re the coolest girls in the school!’

‘This is serious Hubert! Which one is Cedric? His mother has complained that you’re bullying him.’

‘WHAT?!!! But it was an accident!   Mum he’s a troll! He’s humungous!’

‘Where on earth did you get that word from dear?’

‘At Amy’s school her teacher tells them to use Wow words whenever they can. She told me I was a ginormous baby the first time I met her when she trod on my tail.’

‘First you have an imaginary friend, now you’re bullying a troll; I think I preferred it when you wanted to play with the unicorns darling.’

They arrived at the school next morning and were shown into the office where mummy troll was in the middle – as Hubert might say – of a humungous hissy fit.

‘…. And I can assure you that I have no intention of allowing my poor Ceddie to be bullied like this…’

‘Now Mrs. Troll I’m sure we can settle this…’ said the poor teacher patiently.

‘It’s Trollington- Smythe … and I want to know what the school is going to do to punish this hooligan!’

‘Now just a minute!’ said mummy dragon ‘That’s a bit much. Hubert said it was an accident I think he just needs to say sorry and…’

‘Say sorry?! Say sorry?! Typical of you dragons! You teach your children to be strong and brave and then they go bullying poor children like my precious baby, and you think sorry will do. Your son is a thug! I shouldn’t have expected any less from dragons!’

‘Now that’s just being rude!’ said mummy going a very dark green with annoyance. ‘Hubert, we’re leaving!’

‘I want this dragon punished!’ Repeated Mrs. Troll swinging her fake ogre-skin handbag menacingly.

‘That was brilliant mum!’ said Hubert as they walked back to the classroom. ‘I can’t believe you whacked her like that!!

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