It’s not my fault!

How many other Roman gods do you know who get sent to bed early?

I can’t help being clumsy! Stuff just gets broken! It’s not fair – how come I get sent to my room for the next millennium?

Mars didn’t get in trouble when he took his dad’s thunderbolt and tried to kill the cat – everyone thought that was funny.

Vesta has a hissy fit about her flame going out and everyone gets worried that Rome will fall. If it was me; I’d get told off for having a tantrum, for Jupiter’s sake!

italy april 2011 016I’m always getting in trouble for having accidents. I was walking through Rome the other night and it was getting hot so I filled the nearest round building with water to make a cup for my drink – it’s not my fault it got broke! I think it looks better now anyway.

And they keep talking about the lost city of Atlantis – I know exactly where it is – I tripped over and stepped on it so it’s a bit squished.  I didn’t meant to.

And those hundreds of funny shaped buildings in Egypt – I was trying to get them to balance on the tip and pyramidsspin round to make a new game but they kept smashing – there’s only the little ones left now.

Okay, I admit that the Colossus at Rhodes getting broken was my fault. The stupid puny mortals were all saying that their sun god was better than ours, so I pushed him in the sea.

But it’s not fair – getting in trouble for breaking my sister’s game. They never listen to my side.  Here I am in my room and I’ve been told I’m not allowed out for at least five hundred years! Good job I’ve got plenty of food stashed in the cupboard. Still I’d better not scoff it all down too fast this time cos indigestion makes me burp fire. It made a terrible mess in that town – what was it called Pompoo? Pompoy? It’ll take ages for them to get it tidy again.

I hate, hate, hate my stupid-face sister! Why do I have to have a stupid girl for sister anyway? She’d spent all day with her silly white blocks making a town and I just said to her that the tower would look better the other way round and she said it was better her way and put it back …  so I whacked and it and it got a bit bent.


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