The Tale of the Fight

We were in the middle of a typical lesson in early year’s teaching.  It had started with reading Martin Waddell’s wonderful story ‘Owl Babies’ about three little owls whose mother leaves them alone to go hunting and it’s all very atmospheric and scary as they bravely wait for her return. Then one of the children mentioned mummy owl going shopping for their food and the kids had gone off on a tangent about an Owl McDonalds, resulting in the ultimate question ‘If you were a baby owl what toy would you want in your happy meal?!’  We were obviously in for a good morning!

Unfortunately shortly afterwards, three of my boys were brought in from the playground for fighting.  It wasn’t the first time, if they weren’t actually trying to kill each other then they were play-fighting or pretending to kill each other; so I thought it was time for the ‘be kind to everyone talk’

I reminded them about using kind hands an feet, I told them how sad it was that people in our world kept trying to hurt each other.  (Sympathetic nodding from the children at the front.)  I asked them to think about whether we wanted to be in a class where people wanted to do unkind things?  (Emphatic shaking of heads from all children – this lot were never EVER going to unkind again!)

I assumed my work there was done when one dear little soul put his hand up.

‘Yes darling what do you want to tell us?

‘You know what Miss?  People are mean to the dinosaurs too.’

What??!!!!  Really?????  How did you get that from my anti-fighting speech?

‘People are mean to the dinosaurs???’

‘Yes Miss, the ones with the little horns.’

It’s always good to get a sense of perspective eh?!


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