The Visit – Chapter Eight – 2014

This is the final chapter which brings us up to date! ————————————————————————–Lisa was just rushing across the concourse at London Victoria   to get the 5.15 to Tattenham Corner.  None of the kids were home that evening so she was looking forward to a quiet dinner with her husband and then putting her feet up and … More The Visit – Chapter Eight – 2014

The Visit – Chapter Seven – 1984

This story is set on Founders Day which is held in September every year in the Parish Church – now called the Croydon Minster———————————————————————–‘Yes the choir are wearing veils Serena, it’s not funny so you can stop nudging your friends, and if you snigger one more time you can have a detention. Your choice!’ Hissed … More The Visit – Chapter Seven – 1984

The Visit – Chapter Five – 2003

This story features a volunteer working with the Parents Association at The Old Palace during the holidays. ———————————————————————————Margaret enjoyed volunteering with the Friends Association. During school holidays she helped out with teas on the guided tours. One Thursday afternoon she was in the dining room when she felt a shiver run through her, even though it … More The Visit – Chapter Five – 2003

The Visit – Chapter three – 1983

This story is from the point of view of a teacher in the early eighties————————————————————————- Karen Armitage loved working at Old Palace School for girls. She’d been there three years now, going straight from teacher training.  She mainly taught the younger girls History, which could be hard work when they really weren’t that interested.  I mean, … More The Visit – Chapter three – 1983

The Visit – Chapter Two – 1573

This story is set during the Royal progress of Queen Elizabeth I to Croydon in July 1573 ———————————————————————————Anyone meeting Kate and Ellen Fettiman for the first time could be forgiven for having no idea that they were sisters.  Both girls worked as chamberers in the royal household and had been with Lady Anne Russell for nearly three … More The Visit – Chapter Two – 1573