The Meeting

One of the simplest pleasures in life is to spend a quiet hour in a coffee shop. I tend to go to the one upstairs in that big department store and have a cappuccino and a Belgian bun. It never gets all that busy, so I usually get my favourite table near the back; that way I don’t … More The Meeting

The School Trip

The school minibus pulled through the gates of the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth and she started counting in her head. ‘One … two … three’ ‘Can I go to the toilet Miss?’ ‘Not yet Maria, we’re all going to gather at the information desk to book in for our time slot, and then everyone can … More The School Trip

The Tale of the Fight

We were in the middle of a typical lesson in early year’s teaching.  It had started with reading Martin Waddell’s wonderful story ‘Owl Babies’ about three little owls whose mother leaves them alone to go hunting and it’s all very atmospheric and scary as they bravely wait for her return. Then one of the children mentioned mummy owl going shopping for their … More The Tale of the Fight

The Visit – Chapter Eight – 2014

This is the final chapter which brings us up to date! ————————————————————————–Lisa was just rushing across the concourse at London Victoria   to get the 5.15 to Tattenham Corner.  None of the kids were home that evening so she was looking forward to a quiet dinner with her husband and then putting her feet up and … More The Visit – Chapter Eight – 2014